“Though some of this damage is minor, most of the concrete deterioration needs to be repaired in a timely fashion.”

- Frank Morabito, 2018
Structural Engineer for Champlain Towers South

InspectoBot render InspectoBot can inspect buildings at 1/4th the cost, while taking a fraction of the time using our proprietary radar and robotics platform

The Problem

Structural inspection is largely a manual process. It typically involves skilled structural engineers manually scanning a hand-held Ground Penetrating Radar over a single 2×2 area. This process may take hours. At over $75/hr for skilled labour, this service can be incredibly costly.

The Solution

InspectoBot automates this process with our proprietary Ground Pentrating Radar Rover platform. This innovation will lead to a 4-10x cost reduction, taking less time and facilitating more frequent inspections.

There is a great market need for conrete structural inspection, as evidenced by the Miami tower collapse. In many areas, full inspections are done decades apart due to high costs. We will change this with InspectoBot. We will then expand our offering to tackle other inspection market segments requiring our technology.

InspectoBot render Our mission is to leverage drone technology to lower costs, increase frequency and improve efficiency of structural inspections necessary to ensure the safety of all buildings and construction.

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